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Pack Llamas are Officially OK in Alaska National Parks

In January, the National Park Service proposed a ban on domesticated sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas in Alaska’s national parks after someone tried to take a pet goat into Denali National Park’s Savage Alpine Trail, an area utilized by Dall sheep .

Biologists fear domesticated animals could transmit new diseases to the wild animals.

“If you go on an extended backcountry trip and you’re not into wheeled vehicles, or you can’t take wheeled vehicles for various reasons, then if you can’t carry everything on your back, you’re going to put it on a pack animal,” Phil said. “It allows people to participate in outdoor activities and access remote areas without being encumbered with a tremendous load.”

Today, three llamas — Julio, El Jefe and Raul — reside on the Nuechterlein’s property. For now, Phil said, the Park Service “has blessed the pack llama.”

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official OK after proposed ban in Alaska national parks