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Meet the Pacific Halibut

Sport fishing for halibut in Alaska is a very popular activity; it is a strong fighter and one of the world’s largest bony fish with an impressive yield of lean and firm white flesh. Over 65% of the effort and harvest occurs in Cook Inlet, southeast Alaska, the Kodiak area, and near the mouth of Deep Creek in the Lower Cook Inlet.

Halibut Fishing in Cook Inlet
Halibut Fishing in Cook Inlet

Halibut taken by sport anglers are generally 15 to 20 lb (6.8 to 9.1 kg) in weight; but fish over 150 lb (68 kg) are often caught. The current Alaska state record for a sport-caught halibut is 459 lb (208 kg), and a fish must weigh at least 250 lb (113 kg) to qualify for the state’s trophy fish program.

Anglers generally use stout saltwater gear to catch halibut. Most anglers prefer to fish with bait, especially herring, but also squid, octopus, cod pieces, or other small bottom fish. To get the bait down to the halibut, it is usually fished on a wire spreader or a sliding-sinker rig with sinker size 4 oz (113 g) to 4 lb (1.81 kg), depending on such factors as depth and current.

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Halibut Francaise Recipe

Our grandson landing a halibut
Our grandson landing a halibut

This recipe works best with halibut caught in Cook Inlet off Ninilchik, Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula, but you can get by with any halibut in a pinch. 🙂

This recipe serves four hungry people and is based on three pounds of halibut fillets.

It is great over fresh pasta or rice, but if you are watching your carbohydrates or have diabetic guests, it can be served over spaghetti squash or even steamed or grilled zucchini.

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Alaska Kids Sport Fishing Cover Photo Contest

Each year, ADF&G, Sport Fish Division Aquatic Education Program sponsors a cover contest for Fishing Regulations Summary booklets

Your child could be on the cover next year! Get outdoors, go fishing and make those memories last a life time. Pack your camera along with your rod and reel, and capture those memorable images of your family and children fishing in Alaska.

To be considered for the cover, the primary person in the photo must be under the age of 18 when the photo was taken and the photo must have been taken in Alaska.
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