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26 Camping Recipes for your next Trip

Camping and RVing is a great outdoor adventure. You get back to nature, cook out, and have fun. When it comes to camping food, there is no running to the grocery store or picking up something in a drive thru.

Meal planning is important to ensure you have everything you need. These recipes are perfect for your next camping or RV trip. You can find more tips and recipes via Our Little Family Adventure.

  1. Shish Kebabs (Chicken and Vegetable Skewers)
  2. Shrimp and Scallop Boil in a Foil Packet
  3. Grilled Kielbasa with BBQ Sauce
  4. Broccoli-Cran Apple Salad
  5. Grilled Paninis
  6. Chicken Tostados
  7. Carne Asada
  8. Cast Iron Skillet Nachos
  9. Grilled Pepper Steak
  10. Rosemary, Chipotle, Raspberry, Balsamic Chicken
  11. Finger Licking Chicken with Homemade BBQ Sauce
  12. Mom’s Potato Salad
  13. Easy Camping Breakfast Burritos
  14. Lumberjack Breakfast
  15. 3 Cheese Potatoes in Foil for the Grill
  16. Campfire Skillet Potatoes
  17. Grilled Corn with Parmesan Butter
  18. Apple & Pecan Scones
  19. Grilled Banana S’mores
  20. Grilled S’more Pizza
  21. Easy S’mores
  22. Peach Mallows
  23. Berry Camping Cake
  24. Strawberry Roll Ups
  25. Cherry Chocolate Adventure Bars (Lara Bars)
  26. Granny’s Granola Bars

Source: 26 Camping Recipes – Little Family Adventure

Bear Spray Works! (If you use it right!)

From the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Notebook:

Bear spray really does work. A 2008 article in the Journal of Wildlife Management reviewed 83 bear spray incidents in Alaska during 1985-2006. Threatening behaviors by brown, black and polar bears were stopped more than 90 percent of the time by spray, although in 18 percent of cases, bears had to be sprayed more than once. Only 3 bear-inflicted injuries associated with defensive spraying occurred — all involved brown bears and all were relatively minor, requiring no hospitalization.

But like any weapon or tool, it works better when you know what you’re doing.

John Morton is the supervisory biologist at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and has some excellent tips here.

Homemade Camp Stove Trick

Tom Allen has provided this video demonstrating how to make a camp stove out of a simple beverage can and a knife and some alcohol you can get from any pharmacy or Wal-Mart.

It goes without saying that fire can be dangerous. Be respectful and enjoy putting this stove to good use!

Tom Allen describes himself as a self-employed Adventurous Person (SAP).  He rides bikes and writes about two-wheeled travel.