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Fishing news and information from Ninilchik Cabins and RV Park at Milepost 132.6 Sterling Highway in Ninilchik, Alaska.

How to Filet a Fish

Whether you are fishing for Alaskan salmon, halibut, Dolly Varden, or trout, knowing just what to do with your catch is important. Nothing has a greater impact on the resulting quality of your meals than skilled cleaning and storage prep.

Remember that for the best results always use good quality fish filleting knives and fish skinning knives and have a good knife sharpener on hand.

This guide was illustrated by Heather Hardison.

How to Filet a Fish

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Homemade Camp Stove Trick

Tom Allen has provided this video demonstrating how to make a camp stove out of a simple beverage can and a knife and some alcohol you can get from any pharmacy or Wal-Mart.

It goes without saying that fire can be dangerous. Be respectful and enjoy putting this stove to good use!

Tom Allen describes himself as a self-employed Adventurous Person (SAP).  He rides bikes and writes about two-wheeled travel.

Meet the 5 Varieties of Wild Alaskan Salmon

This primer appeared at 5 varieties of wild Alaskan salmon – king, sockeye, coho, keta and pink. Below is a short excerpt. Be sure to visit the source for more details:

Add salmon to the long list of foods North Americans have mostly lost touch with in terms of seasonality.

It’s an understandable lapse. After all, salmon certainly seems to be available all year. But wild salmon at its peak – about 90 per cent of which comes from Alaska – indeed has a season.

Fresh wild salmon is best had from late spring through early fall. And it certainly is worth seeking out, for it has about as much in common with farmed salmon as wild, earth-ripened morels have with canned mushrooms.

“We’re all daydreaming about salmon season starting,” says Laura Cole, owner and executive chef at 229 Parks in Alaska’s Denali National Park.


Learn more at  Primer: 5 varieties of wild Alaskan salmon – king, sockeye, coho, keta and pink at