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Alaska’s Five Salmon Family Program

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game Five Salmon Family certificate program provides recognition to angling families who catch and document the five species of Pacific salmon commonly found in Alaska. Certification in the program requires all salmon must be:

  • Legally caught in Alaskan waters (fresh or salt water) open to the public
  • In compliance with current ADF&G sport fishing regulations

Fish caught out of season, in waters where sport fishing for that species is closed, or with illegal sport fishing means and methods cannot be counted toward the challenge – even if the fish is left in the water while the photo is being taken and is immediately released thereafter.

The program promotes family or group angling participation, proper salmon identification and ethical angling practices. Participants can include members of an immediate family, extended family, “family” groups, or any other class of angling partners. The program is open to all anglers (resident and non-resident) who fish in Alaskan waters.

Documenting the catch

Photos documenting family members displaying the salmon are required for each fish. The photo(s) should allow easy identification of the salmon species, show responsible angling practices, and be taken at or near the fishing site.

The Five Species of Pacific Salmon

Learn more at Sport Fish Five Salmon Family Program, Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition

In 1899, wealthy railroad magnate Edward Harriman arranged for a maritime expedition to Alaska. He brought with him an elite community of scientists, artists, photographers, and naturalists to explore and document the Alaskan coast.

The Harriman Alaska Expedition explored coast of Alaska for two months, from Seattle to Siberia and back again.

He contacted Clinton Hart Merriam, the head of the Division of Economic Ornithology and Mammalogy at the United States Department of Agriculture, and one of the founders of the National Geographic Society. Harriman told Merriam that he would cover the expenses of scientists, artists, and other experts who would join the voyage. He asked Merriam to choose the scientific party.

Merriam held a flurry of meetings and sent out dozens of telegrams. He organized a broad range of experts: arctic experts, botanists, biologists and zoologists, geologists and geographers, artists, photographers, ornithologists, and writers.

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